A brief look into the Webmail packages offered... We provide you with the ability to not just have an email address, but we also provide three... Can email account users change their own passwords? Yes. Users can change their own email password by logging into their webmail account... Can you forward all my email to a separate email address? If so, how do I do it? Yes, this can be done by login to your control panel and click “Email ->Forwarders”. You can... Configuring Netscape Mail... 1. Open Netscape Browser 2. Move to the "Edit" drop down menu and select "Preferences." 3.... Creating email addresses To create an email address, please follow the steps below Login to the client are at... Do I have to give all my email accounts access to cpanel? How can users access webmail without going through cpanel? Your users do not have to go through Cpanel. If you domain name has propagated, use... Do you support Everyone.Net & Yes! To change your MX records simply login into your control panel and click the appropriate... Do you support IMAP? IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP is a method of accessing electronic mail... How To Deal With Spam How come I can't send mail? First, your domain name must be resolving to our name servers. Then use ""... How do I block SPAM messages? You can stop spammers using various different spam filtering systems which is located within... How do I check my e-mail through a web browser (webmail)? Login to Use your username and password which was supplied... How do I check my email through Eudora or Netscape Mail? Make sure you are using an account that you created through your mail manager section of your... How do I check my emails? You can use any email clients (ie. Outlook, Eudora etc..) or our Web Based Mail. How do I configure Spam Assassin? If you do not know what it is you are looking at, the next screen could be a little confusing.... How do I create additional POP accounts and email forwarding? This can be done via your web control panel. Once you login, click on "Email -> Add/Remove... How do I modify an MX Record? MX Records (or mail exchange records) are special server settings that help to control the... How do I set up my email in Outlook Express? (text-only) The following is a walk-through for setting up Outlook Express. Go to 'Tools' ->... How do I setup Auto Responders? What is an Email Auto Responder? Email auto responders will automatically send a customized... How do I setup an Email account with Outlook Express? How do I setup an Email account with Outlook Express? If you would like to add an e-mail address to Outlook Express, follow the procedure below. You... How do I use SSL to setup my email? Set your mail server to the host name for SMTP/POP3/IMAP (instead of and then make... How do I use the Spam Box? You can turn your spam box enable and disable from the same page as Spam Assassin. It's just... How much space do I have for my POP Accounts? You can define how much space to give each POP account when you create them via your control... I have a mailing list, how many emails can I send out? Yes. There is a limit of a few hundred recipients per mailing on email sent via our shared... I need to share larger than 5MB binary files, what can I do? If you need to share binary files which are larger than the 5MB-5.5MB size supported as email... I still can't send email. What's wrong? Our SMTP servers are configured as secure relays. This means that you cannot simply reference... Is my Email setup? Your master mail account is automatically setup. Your username, password, and mail server... Is there a mailbox storage limit? You can define the mailbox storage space and limit by logging into your webmail interface or... Potential problems with sending mail: Due to the abuse from a few problem souls, an increasing number of ISP's are disabling ability... Setting up Catch All Email... It appears pretty simple, but read through this documentation, as this controls much more that... Spam Assassin Explained, what is it? how do you use it? and more! What is Spam Assassin? Spam Assassin is an e-mail spam filtering system that sits side by... What are my POP and SMTP settings? Note: Please replace "" with that of your actual domain name... What do I use for my SMTP? You can use "" or your dialup ISP for the SMTP. What is E-mail Forwarding and how can i use it? Email forwarding let's you forward email sent to an addresss to another address or multiple... What is the difference between POP3 and Forwarding? POP3 is where you store your e-mail on our mail server. You then configure your mail client... What is the maximum email message size? Our email system currently supports a maximum message size of 5MB. This limit was established... What is your policy on SPAM? We have zero tolerance for individuals who wish to use their server's resources to send out... Why do I get a \"Relaying Denied: Authenticate with POP first\" error when trying to send email through the server? You need to login to your pop account and check your mail first. The server has anti-spam... Why do I get this error? Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0B You may receive this error in your email client settings at some point. In Outlook this is a bug... Will my existing pop accounts still work if I use Everyone.Net / No, if you use this service all mail services provided by us will no longer work. You offer unlimited e-mail aliases, what does that mean? Unlimited E-mail aliases means that you can use as your email address....
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