Why do I get a \"Relaying Denied: Authenticate with POP first\" error when trying to send email through the server? Print

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You need to login to your pop account and check your mail first. The server has anti-spam software installed that won't allow anyone to use the smtp server until they have logged in first.

This keeps just anyone from connecting to the server and sending out thousands of messages. You may need to wait 20-30 seconds before trying to send mail again for the server process to recognize you after you check your mail. Once you have logged into the pop server and have been authenticated, you will be allowed to send mail for 30 minutes without having to login again. If you do login again, your 30 minutes will start from the time you logged in last.


Can I change my own MX Records?

Yes! Our control panel system allows you to define your own MX Mail Records instantly! Simply

login to your control panel and click on "Change MX Records".

How do I tell if my ISP is blocking my outgoing mail?

It is becoming more common that ISPs are blocking port 25 (SMTP port) forcing you to use their

SMTP server. To see if you are blocked:

1. Click Start Button (Windows Desktop)

2. Click Run

3. Enter "telnet"

4. Enter "open mail.domain.com:25"

If you see a message like:

220 www.domain.com ESMTP

Then you are not blocked. If you can't connect, you are blocked. You should change your port to 26.

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