How do I manually backup my database via SSH/telnet? Print

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If you need SSH access, you should open a support ticket with a request to enable SSH. You should include a good reason of why you require SSH access.

How to back up a mySQL database using SSH Telnet:

Log into your account on our server and issue the following command:

[This is all one command line!]

/usr/bin/mysqldump $databasename -u $user -p$password > /home/$user/file.dump

$ indicates a variable, so instead of entering $user, you'll enter your actual user name for your

account. Your mySQL username and password are usually the same as the ones that you use to

access your control panel.

For example, your actual command might look like this:

/usr/bin/mysqldump joescars_com -u frankie -p18circ > /home/frankie/joesbackup.sql

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