Zambia SSL CertificatesAt XyPNET we take security very seriously, for this reason, we are excited to announce that as Zambia’s award winning web designing and hosting company, we are now offering SSL certificates to all our clients on any hosting plan and for every website we design.
What is an SSL Certificate?
Do you remember that icon in a lock symbol that you see when you visit a secure website like XyPNET, Google or Facebook? Yes, that symbol tells you that you are on a secure website, meaning the website is secure and any private information shared through that website cannot be accessed by third parties as it travels across the Internet. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate guarantees that your website is safe and secure. With SSL installed on your website – any data you share is encrypted, which means that no one except the intended receiver will be able to have access to that data.
Why is an SSL certificate important for your website?
1. Securing the information you share
We share lots information on the Internet, like emails, entering passwords etc. Imagine if you share a contract or you send a login password to your colleague through your email and it lands in wrong hands because you don’t have an SSL certificate to encrypt the information you share. This could lead to legal implications or even financial loss for your business.
2. Higher Google Rank for your site
Recently Google announced that it is going to rank websites using SSL certificates in its search results. If you are a Lodge owner based in Ndola for example and someone searches for “Best Lodges in Ndola”. Google will look for a website that uses SSL and rank that website higher in its search results and you will lose out potential customers if your website ranks lower.
How much does it cost?
Like we have different Email and Web Hosting packages, we also have different packages for SSL certificates, starting from K96/Year to somewhat K2,000 depending on the level of security you need. We therefore recommend that all of our customers use SSL certificates to stay secure.
You can check our SSL Certificate plans here: