The number of mobile devices is ever on the rise a current figure of about 4 billion mobile devices in use. You cannot afford not to have a Mobile optimized website  for your business.

As Bill Gates said “In Today’s business, if they cant find your website, then your company doesn’t exist”

The population of mobile devices is growing. There are currently over 4 billion mobile devices being used to access internet worldwide. Your prospects shouldn’t be limited to just calling and texting when they can use their mobile devices to access your website and buy your products online.

The consumer buying patterns has continued to change, and wise business men and women are now creating mobile optimized websites for their businesses. You can take a huge advantage of this relatively untapped mobile business market, especially the Zambian market.

What is a mobile optimized website?

A mobile optimized website is a website specifically designed to be accessible via mobile devices and suits the device’s screen, slow speed and the devices’ limited functions.

Why you need a mobile website for your business
Why you need a mobile optimized website for your business

With a mobile website, you can provide your audience with exactly the same important information as you do on a PC, but in a way that is easier and faster for them to navigate on your website.

Studies indicate that an average person now spends longer on their mobile devices than they do on their PCs. This has led to a mobile specialized mobile market place.

There are a number of easy in which a mobile website differs from a standard website.


Here are the differences.

  1. Pages are more compact so that they are easily view-able
  2. Websites load faster to suit limited Smartphone capability
  3. All data is simplified to make it easy to negotiate
  4. Flash and other multimedia elements that are not compatible with all mobile devices are avoided

On average, a mobile phone user spends about 80 minutes every day on their mobile phone, so having a well designed, mobile optimized website for your business can boost your website’s visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


A good mobile optimized website should have at-least some of the following features:

Simple Layout

When your customers and prospects visit your website, they are looking for information about your products and services, they don’t care about the fancy design that your website has. In addition, your website needs to be easy to read on even phones with smaller screens. This is done to prevent the user from losing navigation on your website.

Fast Download Speed

A website loaded with a lot images takes longer to load, be it on a PC version or mobile. So you have to keep the data size of your website really low, particularly for mobile devices. If you website takes long to load, users may get frustrated and move onto your competitors’ websites.

Remember, “the more the number of pages that the user is able to view in a set of time, the more they are likely to buy from you”

Benefits of having a mobile optimized website

Higher Google Ranking

Nobody likes scrolling up and down to find what they are looking for. What does this mean to you? If you website appears high in search engines especially Google, then it’s likely to be visited by people who are searching for the services that your business offers.

Search engines these days are clever, they are able to recognize when someone is using a mobile device, and they will feature a mobile optimized website higher in their rankings. With a mobile optimized

Positive Customer Experience

Ever visited a website which didn’t give you an enjoyable experience and was difficult to read? You probably have. Now, would you want  your customers and prospects to have the same experience on your website? Obviously you don’t.. Then provide a platform which users will enjoy visiting, and wont leave for your competitors’ websites. By giving your users a clear and concise website layout, you can ensure each visit your website has creates a positive experience and impression of your business.


More Sales

There is no better way of driving up the profits for your business than having a mobile optimized website. With a mobile website, you can make the buying process even simpler this can also reduce the steps it takes for your customers to get from the home page. This is key to maximizing the sales for your business.

Better Brand Image

With a user friendly, mobile optimized website, you are guaranteed with contemporary, technology aware image for your business. Businesses that don’t have mobile optimized websites these days are always left behind. Would you want that to happen to your company? Of course not, then get a mobile optimized website for your business now….