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We design and develop innovative software solutions that meet your company’s needs. Our policy is to deliver efficient and reliable software that meet the client expectations using the latest technologies. Having the commitment, passion and dedication to excel, we strive to offer services beyond our clients expectations.


Using software systems means working with accurate, unique and reliable data at all times. Replace the old cumbersome systems with a new system using the latest technologies and save massively on time and money.


We develop web based applications and/or integrate different branches (create your own intranet) to use the same application. Eliminate redundancy and inconsistencies and make information available in real time.


Does your business require you to be on the go? We develop software that runs on smartphones. Take your company with you everywhere. Manage your business from anywhere as if you are right in your office.

Example Case [JOHN MOTORS]


John Motors is an company selling motor car spare parts. The following is how processes are carried out:
When a client buys a part, the cashier records the sale in a book
At the end of the day, the cashier has to calculate the days sale totals, balance the book and report to Mr John. If Mr John is out of office, she has to Fax or Email the report.
Often the quantity of stock has to be verified by counting manually.
When Mr John wants to pay the cashier, he has to go through the sales books and calculate commissions, e.t.c
At the end of the month, the accountant has to balance the books and report to Mr John


XyPNET identifies the following problems with this system:
At the end of the day, its possible for the cashier to make errors in her calculations
When Mr John is out of town, he can not track progress. He has to wait for the day’s report at the end of the day
Stock control is difficult
When paying salaries, Mr John has to perform unnecessary calculations
If Mr John is out of town, its difficult for him to tell what time employees report for work
A client can’t check what is in stock online

There is a better way

To help John Motors run their operations effectively, XyPNET can develop

Software Application
When there is a sale, the cashier enters it in the computer using the software.
The cashier can view reports any time without performing any calculations.
Mobile Application
Using his phone, Mr John can
View reports any time, anywhere.
See sales in real time as though he was at the office
Check stock, view reports, e.t.c.
As you can see, this system
Saves money (no faxing, eliminates accountant).
Saves time ( provide information in real time, perform all calculations, eliminates need for faxing, book balancing e.t.c.)
Provide accurate data to relevant people
Simplifies work and makes the company more efficient e.t.c.
We can review your current operations / system / software and recommend improvements at no cost. Seriously, no strings attached.

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