By referring customers to signup at XYPNET, we pay you a commission. Earn up to K300.00 per referral. and on top of that, we start paying you monthly for life, YES! FOR LIFE.

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The following table shows the commission we pay per signup to a particular hosting plan.

Product/Plan Commissions Per Sale Monthly Income
Rooster K300.00 K15.00
Hen K200.00 K10.00
Chick K150.00 K7.50
Egg K100.00 K5.00
Elite (Email) K100.00 K5.00
Standard (Email) K70.00 K3.50
Basic (Email) K40.00 K2.00


Say you bring 16 customers in a month. 2 signup for Rooster, 2(Hen), 5(Chick), 3 (Egg), 3 (Standard Email), 1(Basic Email), you get:

Rooster (300 x 2) = 600
Hen (200 x 2) = 400
Chick (150 x 5) = 750
Egg (100 x 3) = 300
Standard Email (70 x 3) = 210
Basic Email (40 x 1) = 40

We pay you a commission of K2,300 and start paying you a monthly fee of K115 for life. As you keep referring more customers, the monthly fee increases and soon you will be making over K1,000 in your sleep.

We will provide all the necessary tools to help you convert your traffic into a sale.

1. Affiliate Banners
2. Online Administration (Track your clicks, conversions and commission payments)
3. Free Web Hosting (Terms and Conditions apply)

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Web Designing Affiliates

Earn up to K3,000 by referring web designing client to us.

  1. Find someone who needs a website
  2. Refer them to us
  3. Get up to K3,000 in commission