We are excited to share some great news today. XyPNET has a new look!

As our business continues to grow and introduce new products and services, we want our brand to best reflect why XyPNET was founded and what we believe in, and where we are headed.

At XyPNET, we think of our company as a continuous project that is never completely done. Similar to the way individuals and organizations evolve, so do brands. We have developed our brand over the years through our exciting products and services, a unique company culture and an unbeatable customer care service. Today, we are stepping forward with a brand new logo.

We didn’t have to look far to find someone to redesign our logo. Our very own Kieron Panteli worked on it. Kieron’s illustrious history represents itself well, we are always attracted to his sense of classic graphic designing which fits well with our Design standards.

After careful consideration, which included some verbal fighting between our founder Tresford Himanansa and I over how the new logo should look, we finally settled this concept that reflects both a more modern look and our company’s mission to provide innovative I.T. solutions that help organisations solve their problems.

The new XyPNET Logo Elements

At the heart of this rebrand is XyPNET’s core focus on customer’s needs. We believe when we provide innovative solutions to our customers we help them grow their businesses, growing our own business in the process.

The Speech-mark

The speech mark represents our company listening and understanding our needs and goals.

We believe that in order to  efficiently increase our company’s production and service quality, and ultimately  increase revenue, we must constantly pay attention to the changing times and the growing needs of our customers.  Understanding what our customers’ needs are helps us to adapt and evolve with time.

The Colours Red and Blue

Blue represents our customers and their business needs; the red colour which completes the circle of our company understanding the needs of customers represents our mission to provide innovative I.T. solutions that help organisations solve their problems and help them achieve their goals.


 Why the colours Red and Blue

Blue represents our love for our customers while red represents our passion for introducing innovative IT solutions to help solve the problems of our customers.