We are exciting to announce that XyPNET is working with SiteLock to help keep our clients websites and servers safe. It for this reason that we are introducing sitelock to help..

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a cloud-based security tool that scans your website for malware and vulnerabilities. SiteLock not only detects threats, but can also fix problems or security risks it encounters on your server.

What does Site lock do?

  • Website Acceleration

SiteLock improves your website search Engine Optimization (SEO) and reduces bandwidth and server use with SiteLock’s Global Content Delivery Network (CDN); it also speeds up your website ensuring that your users have an exciting experience as they are surfing on your site.

  • DDoS Protection

With a DDoS attack, Cyber criminals try to compromise your website or server by causing denial of service for your users, this may make your website unavailable, your emails inaccessible and any other service.

With SiteLock, your website or server is protected from all types of DDoS attacks with auto-detection and triggering, and fewer than 0.01% false positives.




  • Web Application Firewall

Secure websites from automated and human targeted attacks, prevent scrapers, block backdoor access and sort out bot traffic.

  • Automatic Detection and Remediation

Get 360-degree protection from malware and identify vulnerabilities with daily malware detection scans, automatic malware removal and expert support.

  • Earn Trust

Demonstrate to your customers that you are a trustworthy business by verifying your credentials such as email, phone and address. Displaying the SiteLock certificate increases conversion rates on your site. It will give your business instant credibility and trust in the eyes of customers.