As a Small business owner, your business demands that you spend a great amount of work running it. You need time to market your business, time to answer some phone calls, and offering customer care service so that you keep your customers happy. You really can’t afford losing customers at this stage.

The last thing you need is to spend a lot of time on paper work, especially signing contracts and forms that you can even sign digitally. If you are like me, a small business owner, you normal process is like this:

  • You Receive a form that needs your signature
  • You print the form
  • You sign it
  • You scan it
  • Then you email it back to the sender.

That’s about 20 minutes of your time lost— if you are fast enough.

Save Time with Digital Signature Tools

You can reduce these 20 minutes using digital signature tools. These digital signatures tools allow you to sign any document you receive via email wand send back without you having to print or scan. If the recipient needs to add their signature too, most of these tools have provision for that.

The digital signature process starts by uploading the document you need to sign.

You then add your signature by either drawing it with your mouse, picking it from your already uploaded signatures or by uploading a pictorial version of your signature. Some tools also allow you to add other fields like date and text to the forms.

  • Adobe Sign– When using a digital signature tool, the name of the brand and its reputation matters, especially if you’re sending out documents for different people to sign. This digital signature tool is backed by Adobe Systems, the company behind Photoshop and the famous PDF reader Acrobat.  This tool is available as a free trial and the paid versions start from $15 per month.

  • DocuSign –this is one of the most popular and useful online signature tools. As the name suggests DocuSign allows you to get signed digitally. From approving approving a purchase, signing an agreement or closing a sale, DocuSign makes it simple and it’s reliable and trusted worldwide for digital signatures. Docusign is also in free and premium versions with the premium version starting from as low as $3/month. All their plans come with a free 30-day trial.
  • eSign PDF –this is more usefull to people who don’t need to sign a lot of documents every now and then.  As the name entails, this one only allows you to add a signature to a .pdf document. Unless other tools,  eSign PDF is free and you do not have to register to use it.

As a small business owner, your focus should be on tasks that propels your business to growth. Printing and scanning of documents is a waste of time. Save your time by using digital signatures tools.